1. I’m having such good used record luck it’s getting to the point of ridiculousness, like just now where I ride my bike 6 blocks to buy a couple dimes of pot a friend was willing to part with and see a yardsale and get a copy of James Brown’s double album masterpiece “The Payback” for a $1.00.  The cover is worn and frayed but the record plays totally clean, no scratches or wear.  These are some monumentally groovy jams.  I’m averaging somewhere around a dozen used albums a week nowadays, it’s like the whole world suddenly got flooded with good used vinyl.

    I think this is happening because I’ve decided I don’t care about sex anymore, like a reward from the cosmos for forsaking worldly pleasures.

    I’m loading the camping gear up on the bike and heading for the country now.  The way my luck is going it will probably somehow turn into a record buying trip.  


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